Rhythmos Noir is the motion constellation of dance, a research based fellowship between adepts of science and art. The Movers.

Movement techniques for the embodied mind brings a connection seen as dance that is born from the active relations between body and mind. Dance as a fruit is neither the physicality nor the mind but the meeting of the two synchronistically alive both in- and outside of "me". So dance in this sense doesn't always happen when movement happens, nor when recognizable forms suggest an association for dance. Distinguishing the motion in the mind and the motion in the body let about movements of self raising awareness which is a key to free dance. 

Exploring the nature of kinaesthetic perception is

spaciousness in motion.

in continuum

Rhythmos Noir was concieved in 2014, naming my journey in choreographing with words. Soon I realised, words were not only my close companions in cultivating the mind but are constantly effecting the state of the body. Parallel to learning movement techniques, I continued pursuing a research into perception, tapping into overlapping areas of dance, philosophy, psychology, antropology and architecture.

The Kinaesthetic Self and Selflessness is my doctoral research and lifelong quest to explore and live the embodied mind.

As a dancer I am a researcher and so a writer,

the choreography of Rhythmos Noir.

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