Rhythmos Noir is about the sensible in the invisible perceptual realm of motion. The black rhythm like the night sky is always present, grasped without offering a knowing for the cognitive mind. Just as standing in a garden at night without artifical light, the senses naturally get hightened and the perception of motion starts to sharpen. It is through this lived experience that dance is felt, yet unknown, felt, yet escaping habitual understanding. The dances of Rhythmos Noir are an opening of a sensual meeting space in which all sentient beings enter into communication with each other. The artist not only come to the audience but come to be with them. To integrate locality, encompass what is present, what is there. The natural environment, the stories embedded in a place are not silent but active participants in a dance to become. A dance event in this sense is an integrative practice put in motion through a theme. One can say, here dance becomes a mediator while the dancer dissolves as a person and emerge as a

"body in-between".   

Exploring the nature of kinaesthetic self and selflessness is spaciousness in motion.

in continuum

Rhythmos Noir was concieved in 2014, naming my journey in being choreographed by words and movement. Words and sound are not only my close companions in cultivating the mind but are constantly effecting the state of the body and vica versa. Parallel to learning movement techniques, I continue pursuing a research into perception, tapping into overlapping areas of dance, philosophy, psychology, antropology and architecture. The Kinaesthetic Self and Selflessness is my doctoral research and lifelong quest to explore and live the sensible body. As a dancer I am also a researcher and so a writer, the choreography of Rhythmos Noir.

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